Clenching And Grinding Your Teeth?


Clenching And Grinding Your Teeth?

Are you clenching and grinding your teeth?

Adverse Effects of Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth

Lots of folks clench and grind their teeth unconsciously, usually during the night. Unfortunately, this can have severe adverse affects on your teeth. Many times, sufferers don’t even realize that it’s happening. The results of clenching and grinding can include chipped teeth, cracked teeth, loosened teeth, and increased wear and tear on all of your teeth. And, it can lead to non-tooth problems like headaches, painful jaws, restless nights of sleep, and migraines.

Dr. David A. Cook’s Expertise

Treating these symptoms and developing a prevention plan is one of Dr. David A. Cook’s expertise areas. His 35 years of experience of successfully treating patients has prepared him well to treat your teeth. Call (612) 824-7033 today to set up your appointment.