We Address a Wide Range of Dental Conditions

Addressing a Wide Range of Dental Conditions

The Dental Conditions featured on these pages are common circumstances that our practice encounters and routinely treats. In many cases, treatment is preventive. When these conditions are ignored or left untreated, often more costly or debilitating circumstances will develop.

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Clenching, Grinding, Bruxism: Tooth wear from bruxism results in shortening, chipping, fracturing, and roughening of teeth. It can destroy a healthy, smile, weaken teeth, loosen them, and cause them to shift and alter speech by shortening the front teeth. We offer highly experienced care to patients dealing with clenching, grinding, and bruxism issues.

TMD: Temporal Mandibular Disorders: These disorders cause a wide range of issues and varying forms of pain in and around the mouth and head. Dr. Cook offers effective treatment of these conditions using a variety of strategies.

Headaches: Many headaches are directly caused by or driven deeper by nighttime and daily clenching and grinding of our teeth. Dr. Cook has the experience, skill, and knowledge needed to manage the clenching component, which will often cause headaches to occur less frequently, reduce longevity, and require less medication.

Tooth Wear: Unnatural tooth wear can be caused by many bad habits, including bruxism, tooling, toothbrush abuse, toothpaste abuse, acid erosion, and more. In most cases, the unnatural wear is caused by poor habits, many of which the person is completely unaware of. We treat the results of these habits and offer advice on limiting or eliminating the damage they cause.

Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is not a side effect of simple aging; it is usually related to something else. For many, it is a side effect of the prescription medications we take or a consequence of another disease state. We treat the consequences of dry mouth and any resulting conditions.

Oral Care for those with Oral, Head, Neck, and Throat Cancers: Treatments for oral, head, neck, and throat cancers can wreak havoc on the patient’s oral health. We provide advice and assistance to patients battling the effects of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

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