Dental Presentations And Workshops With Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook’s passion for his craft extends beyond his office. For years, he has been involved in the training and mentoring of dentists in several clinical areas. He also regularly speaks before dental-related organizations and small and large study groups.

While Dr. Cook is able to offer lectures on a wide range of clinical topics, he is most passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge on:

  • Occlusion: Dr. Cook is happy to share insight into the common characteristics useful when diagnosing dental occlusions, patients who clench and brux, planning strategies for addressing the situation and addressing common problems patients often encounter while trying to regain lasting and appropriate health, comfort and aesthetics.
  • Dental Digital Photography: Dr. Cook offers insight into the use of dental digital photography as a diagnostic and presentation tool. By attending one of his Dental Digital Photography workshops, you will enhance your reputation as a high-tech, cosmetic and restorative dentist.
  • Oral Cancer Care: Dr. Cook offers insight into helpful strategies for assisting cancer patients; especially oral, head, neck and throat cancer survivors during treatment. His advice covers everything from preventive home care strategies to the proper methods of conducting an extended hygiene visit.
  • Root Banking: Dr. Cook provides insight into the root banking process, its benefits and its possible applications for gum growth, bone preservation and implants. He also explores the process of determining root banking candidacy and providing post-op care.
  • Diagnosing and Staging of Decay and Fractures: Dr. Cook offers insight into the subtle indicators of decay and fractures. He examines cases in which indicators are less obvious, and offers advice on how to plan restoration.

Dr. Cook has a lengthy history of lectures and workshop presentations, making him an ideal candidate to present to any dental-focused group.