3/19/2020 COVID-19 Update

To our wonderful patrons of Smiles at France,

You mean a lot to us. This truly makes us sad. What a crazy time we are experiencing today and I suspect for the coming months. For now, we have suspended our dental practice for all hygiene and non-urgent dental care until April ?? — the date keeps on moving longer; sigh. We are doing this for the sake of everyone’s health, having made this decision as a team earlier in the week before our government suggested the same.

We will be keeping our office open for limited administrative tasks on Monday through Thursday. As this unfolds, we may have to tend the office administrative activities remotely. I will be available for emergencies (swelling, fever, unmanaged pain) by calling our office (612)824-7033. If you need advice for other things, please call. The answering machine will give you my cell phone number to call or text if we are not in the office and you need us.

We are closely following updates and advice from the Center of Disease Control, the American Dental Association, respected clinicians plus all national, state and local government agencies that impact our safe practice of dentistry. Our best practices will change as our science, not fear guides us. We are imperfect people, struggling in an imperfect world. I have faith that we can do this.

Because we are intentionally a one-patient-at-a-time, small practice, we do not have a crowded reception area. Seeing one-patent-at-a-time without double and triple booking automatically sets you up for improved social distancing. It sets us up for optimal comprehensive care without taking shortcuts in time, technique, judgement or materials. Those values, we are not changing and will serve you and us well as this plays out.

When we reopen for non-emergent dental care, we will let you know our latest best practices for completing safe dental and hygiene care in the novel COVID-19 environment. Please check our web-site (https://smilesatfrance.com/) and “Like” our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SmilesAtFrance/) page for frequent updates. Everyone could use a few more “likes” and “hugs” today.

Since we have to postpone all dental (besides emergencies) and hygiene preventive care, we are encouraging each one of you to step up your home care and thoughtfulness to avoid emergencies. These will help in slowing down the problems you currently have and preventing future dental problems from occurring.

Consider these things to lessen emergencies and future dental problems. Many of you have heard us discuss these with you.

Slow Brushing: Most of us brush too fast. Fast brushing is not cleaning. Slow down when you brush, like you would if cleaning between a fork, not a smooth spoon. Slow down at least once a day to thoroughly clean; for most, this is 2 minutes, for others less skilled; it is longer. After breakfast and right before bedtime are the two best times for thorough brushing/cleaning.

Slow Flossing: If you floss infrequently, things are going to get expensive for you. Slow flossing, at least once daily is recommended. Do it whenever you want, but please do it once daily for sure. Nighttime before bed is best.

Slow, thoughtful chewing and biting: As we age, our teeth get brittle. Forceful, rapid or aggressive biting plus aggressive chewing of our food makes teeth prone to breakage. Be careful and avoid attacking your food. Slow down please to avoid preventable accidents.

Any teeth with fillings, crowns, veneers or root canals are especially prone to fracturing as we age beyond 60. Biting and pulling into a cold bagel, pizza, your favorite crusty bread, beef jerky, bacon, apples… could increase the risk of a sudden tooth fracture. Biting carrots on your side teeth is something I avoid. Rapid chomping on your molars is asking for trouble.

Drinking: Water is still the best for any sipping, especially between meals. If you drink something different, search that drink and its pH online. pH is a measure of how acidic something is. A pH of 7 is neutral, anything lower is acidic. You want to avoid anything under 5.5, as these drinks will dissolve enamel. Even if it is “diet”, it will dissolve your teeth. “Diet” has acid, it lacks the fuel (sugar) that will feed the bacteria.

Black coffee is acidic, it likes to dissolve the cement that holds our crowns on! Especially if you sip that cup slowly. Beer is acidic too! Sipping wine at nighttime also gets you into trouble. You can drink them, but drink them quickly (with moderation!), with a meal, or rotate with water.

Sore Throat: Make sure any mints, cough drops or lozenges are sugar free. Honey is sugar. The best sweetener for any drop or mint contains xylitol. Xylitol will not promote decay.

Clenching our teeth: Wear your mouth guard (appliance) if you have one; as a reminder to not clench daily and for protection at nighttime. Tongue resting lightly on the roof of your mouth, lips lightly together, teeth apart, and jaw muscles relaxed; is how you should hold these structures at rest. Having your teeth together, tongue pushing forward and town, lips apart is not a resting posture.

Please call your friends and family, check in on your neighbors, do what you don’t have time to do now that you have this time. We miss seeing you! We are grateful that you have chosen us as your dental team and dental home. We will be back!

Your team from Smiles at France – David, Jennifer, Cindy and Kaitlyn

(Social distancing prevented us from all signing this 😊)


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