Addressing Headaches Caused By Dental Issues

Headaches caused by dental issues can be painful and aggravating.  Many common and uncommon headaches are directly caused by or driven deeper by nighttime and daily clenching and grinding of our teeth. Even classic and unusual migraines may have clenching as a contributing and sustaining factor.

Treating Headaches Caused by Dental Issues

Manage the clenching component and often a person’s migraines will occur less frequent, last less long, require less medication and increase daily productivity.

Our success is very high when a person’s condition involves their unique blend of a wide range of factors, including:

  • Pain around the temporal area, above the ears, above the cheek bones, to the side of the eyes
  • Sinus headaches that are driven deeper and more frequent by clenching
  • Migraines that have a clenching component that drives and sustains them deeper
  • Complaints of “tension” headaches
  • Headaches immediately upon waking
  • Headaches that vary: some weeks there are none, other weeks they are frequent
David A. Cook, DDS, PA

Our success is even higher when:

  • There is recognizable wear, chipping, fracturing and other patterns of damage on your teeth
  • We can reproduce your pain during our examination or show you how to reproduce your pain at home when a headache is approaching

Often the treatment we provide not only lessens your pain, but it can protect your teeth from further damage, resulting in less costly continual repair.

Headaches caused by dental issues are not pleasant. If bruxing or clenching your teeth is driving your pain, contact Smiles at France at 612-824-7033 today. You will be glad you did.