Why Choose Us

A Cosmetic Dentist That You Can Fully Rely On

Why Choose Us: Our Service Philosophy

Why choose us? We are dedicated to helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime, in optimal health, comfort, function, and appearance. Good oral health does not happen by accident but rather is the result of active daily prevention, early detection, and treatment
of diseases that can destroy the health of our mouths.

We are thorough and conscientious in establishing our relationship with you. When you come to us, we will complete the most comprehensive evaluation by gathering the detailed information required to diagnose and build a treatment strategy.

Once our review is complete, we will share the results of the evaluation to help you gain insight into your oral conditions, your treatment options, and strategies for prevention and treatment that are in your best interest. We’ll also inform you of the risks and benefits that may result from your treatment decisions.

As you make your choices regarding treatment, we will provide the honest and unbiased information you need, all without pressuring you to choose a course of treatment that is too expensive or too invasive or painful. In short, we believe in doing minimum dentistry for maximum benefit and longevity and will help you pursue the best possible treatment plan for your unique situation.

Once our plan is in place, we will assist you through the various phases of treatment, always striving to help you achieve your desired outcome. Why choose us? We recognize that under all circumstances, your best interests must come first.

Why Choose Us: Our Practice Philosophy

Our practice is committed to serving the needs of our patients and realize that this is best achieved by recognizing and meeting your individual needs and goals. Building self-esteem and personal growth is at the heart of our existence.

We are committed to keeping ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. We believe this is achieved by seeking a balance between work, family, recreation, and worship. And, we believe that we cannot continue to serve our patients’ best interests if we do not nourish and renew ourselves.

We are also committed to maintaining an office environment that is supportive, accepting, and nonjudgmental. In short, we are focused on building an environment that fosters strong and interdependent team members.

We are dedicated to continuing education in the clinical and behavioral arts in dentistry. Education enhances our ability to meet the needs of our patients and our team members. We believe that our best resources are our patients and each other.

Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Cook

From our Minneapolis dentist office at 50th & France—where Minneapolis meets Edina—we service patients for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, clenching and grinding, and more. At your convenience, please contact our clinic for a complimentary consultation. Our staff will address any of your questions and schedule a convenient time. Come meet Dr. Cook and team, and be on your path to a beautiful and healthy smile.