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Perfecting Smiles through Altering Gum Levels

Altering gum levels may be needed if your gums are disproportionate in size to your teeth. If gums are too long, teeth often look unnaturally short. If gums are too short, teeth may appear too long. Altering the level of the gums to better frame teeth will not only increase your confidence in your smile, but may also address potential issues related to gum disease, sensitivity and accelerated decay.

The level of the gum can be altered by transplanting tissue from elsewhere in the mouth, or through the use of an esthetic crown or veneer.

Altering Gums & Teeth—Porcelain Veneer Smile Make-Over

A pleasant smile has to have symmetry of the upper teeth’s gums against the upper lip and their cutting tooth edges against the lower lip. For this person, both ends of his upper front teeth were out of symmetry, the gums were not symmetrical with the upper lip and the cutting edges did not flow with the lower lip.

Only the front four teeth were treated with porcelain veneers for this stunning result. The old delaminating bonding was removed, followed by general whitening. The gums were repositioned towards his nose to make his cuspids and central incisors longer. Finally, four custom porcelain veneers were placed on his four upper front central teeth.

This took careful planning and timing with our periodontist to get this smile and life enhancing result!

These images were scanned from older color prints from the pre-digital age.

David A. Cook, DDS, PA
David A. Cook, DDS, PA
David A. Cook, DDS, PA
David A. Cook, DDS, PA
David A. Cook, DDS, PA

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