We Manage Complex Treatment Plans Involving Multiple Specialty Care Providers

Are you in need of a complex dental treatment plan? People often seek to our help when their care involves the coordination with multiple dental and medical specialists. Often it is a specialist who requests that we become involved to coordinate their care.

Restoring a mouth involves a process similar to remodeling a home. It starts with an assessment of your current health and circumstances. From there it jumps to a discussion of the vision of your preferred end result. Now we have a starting place and a vision of your goals. Then we invite the appropriate dental specialists to help us achieve your goals.

This is what we do:

  • Assess your current dental health
  • Help develop your vision, your preferred dental future
  • Establish a plan
  • Recruit the specialists as needed to assist in your plan
  • Monitor the progress of your plan, make adjustments to your plan as necessary
  • Maintain your preventive visits and efforts
  • Keep you involved in every step and decision

This is what our more common specialist partners can do:

  • Orthodontist: move teeth and move gum levels by altering their positions
  • Periodontist: surgically alter gum levels, treat gum disease, graft gum recession, and place dental implants.
  • Oral Surgeons: extract teeth, place dental implants, surgically move jaws to assist the orthodontist, place anchorage implants to assist the orthodontist.
  • Restorative Dentist (that’s us): reshape teeth, restore teeth with bonded resins, veneers or crowns and restore implants.

Congenitally missing upper lateral incisors, 8 was lost due to root resorption and four new restorations placed to blend out her smile. The missing tooth has an implant.

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