Teeth Whitening Edina, Minneapolis And The Twin Cities


Teeth Whitening Edina, Minneapolis And The Twin Cities

Looking for a way to brighten up your smile? Brushing your teeth and flossing are two ways to keep your teeth healthy and white. But, what if that’s not enough? For a variety of reasons, a person’s teeth don’t always look white and bright.

Why do Teeth Change Color?

Drinking coffee, wine or tea, tobacco use, medications and aging are just some of the reasons for teeth to move from their natural white color. A single factor or a combination of factors will sometimes result in a not-so-white-and-bright look. It’s a common challenge as research shows that a high percentage of people would prefer whiter teeth.

The Teeth Whitening Solution

Teeth whitening can make a big difference in your smile’s appearance. Professional-strength whitening is usually more effective with less sensitivity and other side-effects than over-the-counter alternatives. It’s simple and safe — and it works! To begin your teeth whitening treatment, it’s best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cook. By meeting with Dr. Cook, he’ll be able to assess whether teeth whitening is an option for you. And remember, teeth whitening does not replace regular dental care, brushing and flossing. See the video below from the American Dental Association.

Tooth Whitening Is Not Equal to Tooth Brushing Video (American Dental Association)

Teeth Whitening: How it Works

Teeth whitening is a fairly simple process. The process is implemented with tooth bleaches, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The bleaches work to reduce stains into smaller pieces and dissolve them out of the tooth. This makes the stain’s color less concentrated, and ultimately, your teeth whiter.

Teeth Whitening Benefits

A seemingly small change like whiter teeth can make a big difference in your day-to-day living. When you greet people with a smile, your confidence will show. If you’ve heard of the expression, “A smile that can light up a room,” you know the person was describing someone with bright teeth.

Teeth Whitening Edina, Minneapolis & Twin Cities

The Smiles at France team led by Dr. David A. Cook provides teeth whitening treatment at their dental practice located at 50th and France – where Minneapolis meets Edina. We have had great success in people who have given up on past whitening and those who thought it was not possible. For whatever teeth whitening you’re considering, it’s always best to start with a consultation with Dr. David A. Cook. For teeth whitening Edina, Minneapolis, or the Twin Cities, it begins with one phone call. Please schedule your appointment with Smiles at France by calling:  (612) 824-7033.