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Changing the Look of Front Teeth Using Ceramic, Zirconia Crowns

Crowns are used to reinforce existing teeth that are structurally compromised, darkened or stained. By covering existing teeth, we are able to restore the look and function of the patient’s teeth and overall smile.

To prepare the tooth for the application of the crown, the existing tooth may need to be strengthened via root canal or filling. The tooth is then shaped to accept the crown without altering the tooth’s profile.

Once the tooth is prepared, an impression, or mold is made, which is then used to create the final, permanent crown. In the meantime, a temporary crown is installed.

Ceramic (3M’s Lava™) Zirconia Crowns: Strong and Beautiful

In this case, 3M Lave Crowns were used to improve the front profile of the patient’s smile:

Michelle wanted her teeth to be pretty again. Tetracycline staining had given her teeth their darkened color; while decay, fingernail chewing and nightly grinding had destroyed their shape. We pre-whitened and brightened her teeth, and then restored them with 3M’s Lava™ all ceramic, zirconium crowns. She receives frequent compliments, especially from her mother!

She now wears a nightly Tanner bruxism appliance to protect her teeth from damaging nightly bruxism. As an added benefit, her almost daily headaches, frequent migraines, TMJ soreness and jaw pain have virtually disappeared!


Many of us have accidents where we damage front teeth as a child. Yesterday’s best care has improved in so many ways. It is rewarding to be part of a profession where our science and artistry is constantly evolving. More than a smile can be transformed with today’s dentistry. Beauty, strength, comfort and longevity, outstanding!


A single discolored tooth restoration in a pretty smile is never easy, especially when the teeth have subtle clouds of color that need to be added. Thank you to Jenny at Valley Dental Arts who did the ceramics.


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